We believe in communities of equal opportunity. Every person should have the chance to fulfil their potential, have access to a supportive network and be fearless.

Founded in 2015, The DREAM Project provides a source of inspiration and motivation for students and families from refugee backgrounds to integrate with the Australian community. We do this by helping them with their studies, preparing them for work and just being their friend.




Our Work



Key Strategies

1. Close interaction between refugees and Australian volunteers

2. Engagement with relevant community groups: schools, councils, government agencies,other non-government organisations, other community groups

3. Professional approach to recruiting, supporting and developing volunteers

4. Volunteer capability building through leadership training

We need volunteers for the DREAM Project!

All volunteers go through a Leadership Program

We are seeking: 

— Skills for life coaches

— Trainers and Facilitators

— Recruiters, Administrators and Coordinators

— Marketers and Content Creators

— Fundraisers and Grant writers

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Volunteer Testimonies

Tutoring is a great experience because you are working with students who are very keen to learn and are extremely grateful for your help.


April '16 - Student at UNSW

It is truly heartwarming to be able to assist these teenagers in some way so that they are able to feel like there are people who are taking the time to help and care for them.


February '18 - Student at ACU

I volunteer in DREAM because I like to have new experiences. It will make me open to new ideas and perhaps help me with writing . I also get to make new friends and I like to help people.


February '18 - Student at WSU