It is Reledev’s goal to provide opportunities for Australians to be involved in poverty alleviation activities at home and overseas. Reledev is committed to helping people be more aware of the world’s poverty-related issues so that they can make a difference. A little bit of kindness, compassion and generosity goes a long way in aiding those in need.

Reledev aims to help each person see their own worth and realise their own innate dignity. This, in a nutshell, is what Reledev seeks to accomplish.

With Reledev, getting involved is easy.  Volunteer Today!

RELief. Education. DEVelopment.  A future with promise. 

  • You can make a world of difference!
  • A little help goes a long way; volunteer today!
  • Together with the community, we build a better future.
  • Give a little bit of your today to help build her tomorrow.
  • Help end poverty today!
  • Your compassion and kindness can change a life.
  • Your education can lift and empower others.