Warrane’s Work Camp at San Michele Primary, Vanuatu

In 2018, 20 residents from Warrane College, UNSW went to Vanuatu for a three week workcamp from 27 June to 15  July. The group of young men undertook refurbishment work in Santo Island, home to the San Michele Primary School.  They built a new classroom, toilets and a shower for 38 local kindergarten children.

In collaboration with Reledev, volunteers from Warrane also undertook fundraising activities to raise money for this project.

Jeremy Blades, Head Tutor of Warrane College shared the following about his experience on the workcamp:

“Working and living at the San Michele Primary School for 3 weeks was an extremely rewarding experience. Our project aimed to build a kindergarten classroom for 38 children using strong materials, replacing the previous classroom made of bamboo and earthen floor. Building the classroom took time but we were lucky enough to spend time playing soccer with local school children and help teach English in the classroom. 

The village community was really vibrant especially during the time of the soccer World Cup finals.  I loved seeing the local kids so happy throughout the time we spent at San Michele as we were all indebted to the amazing culture of the village and school.

I think all workcamps offer the greatest opportunities to deepen friendships with the mates who you travel and work with throughout the project.” 

We need your support as so many others can benefit from Reledev’s projects. You can also volunteer like Jeremy on a workcamp overseas. You can help by donating to the Reledev cause. A little goes a long way. Find out more about Warrane College’s workcamps.

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