Tangara’s Philippines Service Project – Class of 2017

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On Friday 9th December, 14 students from the Class of 2017 joined three Tangara teachers for the adventure of a lifetime in the Philippines. The excited group gave up part of their summer break leading up to their final year of school, and traveled to the region of Batangas where they spent 12 day serving the local community.

During their time in the Philippines, the Year 12 students painted the Balete Farm School, completing a project started by the first Tangara Philippines service group five years ago. The group also took part in teaching first aid to local students and community health workers, and provided some of the students from Balete Farm School with the skills to write a resume.

The girls also participated in a number of visits throughout the community, providing support and relief to the poor, suffering and the sick. Our students fundraised to purchase Christmas hampers which were delivered to some of the poorest families in the village near the farm School, trekking through mud in the rain to deliver the hampers in person.

The girls also visited a local orphanage, bringing the children Christmas presents and a special Jolly-B lunch! Christmas presents were also delivered in person to the Manila General Hospital, where the Tangara students were accompanied by students from Woodrose, Tangara’s sister school in Manila, who assisted as translators while our students conversed with the patients in the hospital. It was a very moving experience.

Finally, a Christmas party hosted by the ‘Cancer Warriors’ and supported by our students, was held for almost 50 young boys and girls who were either recovering from or ingoing treatment for cancer. Members of the community were moved by the dedication and care that the Tangara girls provided to support each and every person they met while participating in the project.

Thank you to Tangara students Bethany, Elizabeth, Ellessia, Erika, Grace, Issy, Jessica, Katie, Lucy, Michaela, Taris, Sarah, Sophie L, Sophia W, and teachers Dr Malabanan, Mrs Rasmussen and Mrs Broadsmith for participating in this successful outreach project on behalf of Tangara.

The original article featured on the Tangara website: http://www.tangara.nsw.edu.au/blog/tangara-s-annual-philippines-service-project

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