Support the Warrane Tonga Work camp 2019

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In February 2018, Tonga was hit by cyclone Gita – the worst in Tonga’s history. This cyclone severely damaged a significant proportion of the infrastructure in the Nuku’Alofa community.¬†Among these damaged buildings was the local Community Centre of the Longolongo people.¬†This centre is large contributor to the lifestyle of this community, being used as a chapel, holding local markets, running life class and hosting youth events.

On August 31st, 2019, Warrane College UNSW will be sending a team of 20 university students to aid in rebuilding the Longolongo Community Centre over the course of a two week service project. The students pay for the costs of travel for the project.

However, money is needed to fund a proportion of the costs – including, but not limited to, utilities, building materials, and donations to community schools.

Warrane workcamp volunteers kindly ask for your help to obtain the funds to partially cover the necessary costs for the reconstruction of the community centre. Please donate! Your generosity is sincerely appreciated. Any and all donations, small or large, will make a significant difference in aiding our endeavour!

All proceeds will go directly towards completion of the project.

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