Sophie Oueiss: Lebanon 2012

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Sophie Oueiss, a young woman from Safra, a small village in the Jbeil area in Lebanon, discovered her talents in cookery while undertaking the Hospitality Management and Entrepreneurship course in the Institute of Management and Services (IMS) at Maad, also in Jbeil. After only a year of experience in restaurant and customer services, Sophie met by chance her first client who asked her if she could prepare a typical Lebanese dinner in her home. With a lot of enthusiasm, Sophie took on the challenge. With the help of the IMS team Sophie discovered her professional vocation and decided to start her own home catering service. She created an office space at home, decided on several menus, made a financial plan, carried out a marketing survey and organized several tasting and product evaluation sessions. At the same time, she started taking orders for homemade dishes that she would supply.

Sophie’s whole family is currently benefiting from her work. She has involved her sister in the project, and is contributing to the support of her family. She has also become more organized in her studies, home tasks and daily life and has gained a new level of self-confidence.story1

Sophie used her home catering service as her micro-business project for the Entrepreneurship subject at IMS. She presented her project to an external, professional jury composed of an economist and an entrepreneur from Byblos Souk, as well as a Chef. Thanks to the Hospitality Management program, she has acquired the necessary skills to become a professional chef, and thanks to the work experience sessions, she has been able to acquire the necessary managerial and practical training needed to embark in her own enterprise.

 After finishing her studies, she is thinking about expanding her target market by commercializing her production and offering her services to the employees and professionals working in educational institutions, industries, and companies of the Jbeil region in Lebanon.

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