Rebecca Lubgans, Dubbo 2012 & Brigitte Khoury, Dubbo 2011, Philippines 2012

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In 2012, Bec Lubgans went to Dubbo, Australia to participate in a service project in partnership with Creston

Bec Lubgans & Brigitte Khoury
Bec Lubgans & Brigitte Khoury

College. Her friend, Brigitte Khoury, told her about the very rewarding experience she had in the projects she attended.

“I enjoyed being involved in a range of new experiences outside my comfort zone while making new friends through the activities we held for Indigenous communities and visiting the elderly. Over such a short time I made lasting friendships and learnt a lot about myself and what it meant to be of service to others.”

Brigitte Khoury has volunteered in Reledev service projects in the Philippines as well as in Dubbo, Australia.

 ‘The Philippines service project was a trip of a lifetime. Not only did I get to meet incredible people but it opened my eyes to how lucky we are and how much we don’t appreciate. Even though we were teaching the kids I felt like we were learning more just by them showing us how to love and appreciate the little things in life.’

Bec and Brig2 ‘The Dubbo service project opened my eyes to what the other half of Australia goes through and the conditions they live in. I realised that we are blind to what we don’t see and that it only takes a little effort to help but it goes a long way like a ripple effect. We just have to take the first step.’

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