Payatas Dumpsite Education Project: July 2016

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The Payatas dumpsite is still the largest open waste disposal tip in the Philippines located in Quezon City, Metro Manila from which scavengers and other residents of the area depend on for their livelihood. Due to a typhoon in July 11, 2000, a landslide of trash killed 218 people living and working around the area.  Government and international efforts have since resolved to transform the area into an eco-park and commence a biogas emissions reduction programs.

A number of non-government organisations (NGOs) established projects to alleviate the poverty of the residents including provision of housing, livelihood and education for children.

Reledev and Creston College will work with Philippine NGOs working to deliver the following programs:

  • Catch-up tutorial program in English and Maths for malnourished children
  • Feeding Program
  • Medical/Dental Clinic
  • Assist in eco-farm and building/cleaning projects
  • Assist in livelihood program for mothers


Dates         June 28 – July 14, 2016 (16 days)

Cost           $2000        includes airfare, basic travel insurance, all transport, full board

$200          Fundraising target for all participants

To apply, go to:


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