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About 8 million peoplein Peru remain poor, with poverty being the direst among people in the rural areas. This is almost a third of the country’s population.  Studies have shown that women remain to be the most affected by poverty.  Most rural women are poor or extremely poor, even as they play a central role in the subsistence economy. Women work in agriculture, tend livestock and engage in income-generating activities, representing as much as 80 per cent of a family’s labor force. Through these productive activities – along with traditional household tasks and childcare – women make it possible for their husbands to migrate in search of temporary work.




Opened in 1963, Condoray is a Professional Training Centre devoted to human, social and religious development and promotion of women in the Cañete Valley.



Hospitality And Culinary Training For Young Poor Women From Valle De Cañete, Peru



The project trains and prepares young women for a professional career in the areas of catering and hospitality.

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