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Reledev aims to raise consciousness and awareness in Australia about poverty and development issues- problems that greatly affect society on a global scale. The organisation aims to convey to the public why these issues are pressing, and how there is a dire need for training, education, and mentoring- possible solutions to these worldwide dilemmas.

Reledev aims not only to help people find work, but to teach them to work well, allowing them the chance to help build their self-esteem and find dignity in their work. Reledev promotes a consciousness of self-sufficiency, independence, confidence and self-respect.

Current Reledev community awareness endeavours include:

  1. Website

Reledev aims to communicate with its supporters and volunteers, as well as to the  Australian public via its official website. Here, Reledev sheds light on the most pressing developmental issues, and informs the readers about ways that they can assist.

  1. Newsletters

Reledev releases newsletters that update volunteers and supporters about the organisation’s efforts to tackle poverty, and the most common developmental issues. Newsletters focus on beneficiaries’ personal stories, allowing the readers to get a more meaningful take on these important global matters.

  1. Volunteer training programs

Reledev organises training programs for service project and work camp volunteers. These sessions allow volunteers to have a better understanding of the issues they are participating in, and allow them to appreciate the value and importance of their volunteer work.

Completed Projects

Completed Project: Lebanon