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Reledev seeks to strengthen the development capacity of partner organisations.

Reledev strives to equip these partners with more knowledge, skills, organisational techniques or funds that allow them to maximise their strengths to the fullest. As a result of partner empowerment, true development happens.

Reledev works closely with international partners to improve on:

  • Financial systems and reporting for more effective use of funds, improved accuracy and maintained transparency
  • Training modules

–  to provide a more holistic approach and ensure long-term income generating outcomes for training graduates i.e. mentoring, job placements, micro-credit systems
–  to obtain government accreditation and national recognition of training programs

  • Project / Program design to ensure long term sustainability and economic independence when Reledev support ends, while continually addressing relevant community needs

Reledev works closely with local partners to develop:

  • Effective volunteer programs that raise awareness about poverty and development issues among young Australians
  • Project designs that address relevant community needs
  • Effective systems on fund-raising, financial management and reporting, volunteer recruitment and logistics