Nicaragua: Vocational training in hospitality and tourism for rural women

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Reledev’s overseas partner, Asociacion para la Cooperacion Educativa Nicaraguense is a local non government organisation that has carried out activities in Diriamba, Carazo, since 1994.  Centro Social Vega Baja is a permanent educational initiative of ACOEN.

Project: Vocational training in hospitality and tourism for rural women in Diriamba, Carazo, Nicaragua

Local delivery partner: Asociación para la Cooperación Educativa Nicaragüense (ACOEN)

Project aim: Provide a means of income generation for women to earn a living and increase the personal well-being of their families.

During the 2017 – 18 period:

  • 25 women completed a cooking course and 21 completed a housekeeping course; the participants received a nationally recognised technical diploma. All the women participated in a work experience program to gain practical experience.
  • 15 women attended a sewing and dressmaking level II course. All 15 of these women successfully make and sell garments.
  • 50 women participated in an entrepreneurship course, gaining a diploma. All the participants were able to develop and improve their micro-enterprises in the following areas: inventory, incomes and expenses and advertising of products.
  • 21 women from the housekeeping course participated in computer and English classes to improve their skills in this area.
  • 26 teachers, trainers and staff attended 3 short courses in leadership and service to improve teaching skills.

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