Montgrove Community Service on the Central Coast

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This article originally featured in Peninsular News, November 2017

30 schools girls from Montgrove College, Orchard Hills near Penrith came to the Peninsular in November 2017 to do a number of community projects as part of their school assessments. The girls were divided into three groups that rotated through the following activities:

  • Graffiti removal
  • Serving food at Mary Macs
  • Serving lunches at the retirement village

Their teacher Lauren explained ‘The girls were very enthusiastic and willing to help the community.’ The photos show the girls at work over painting graffiti on a wall facing the carpark at the rear of the shops in Umina, which had accumulated graffiti and was a mess. Most of the girls had not handled a paint brush or rollers before, so there were demonstrations of painting techniques. It was clear as the painting progressed that they had gained new skills and soon the offending graffiti had disappeared.

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