Micro-enterprise development in rural Lebanon

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Female unemployment is high in rural Lebanon and women often depend on the support of male relatives or family remittances from overseas relatives. Reledev seeks to highlight the dignity of women through employment and economic independence. The project offers vocational training in the areas of commercial cooking, accommodation and dining room service. It also equips women with the tools to set up small businesses in their rural villages.


For the first three years between 2006 and 2010, the project resulted in:
• the establishment of a Rural Route in Northern Lebanon and the training of guides and development of small enterprises along this route;

• the formation of The Women in Rural Lebanon Association (WIRLA) composed of women living in the area and managing their own micro enterprises.

Reledev’s partner, the Institute of Management and Services (IMS), follows up on the continuous development of women participating in the Rural Route project through training programs.
To read more about the graduates and their inspiring journeys, please go to Our Stories.


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