Developing personal values, Jay-Ann Amores, BCPD Philippines Alumni

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Lifelong development for women from all walks of life is the primary focus of the Foundation for Professional Training, Inc. one of Reledev’s overseas partners in the Philippines. The FPTI Schools believe that raising the educational level of women and developing their skills has an impact on the good of the family they belong and the community they serve.

A project of FPTI is the Banilad Center for Professional Development (BCPD). Instituted in 1992, the BCPD in Barrio Luz, Cebu City offers programs in hotel and restaurant services. To further align with industry needs, it has also incorporated tourism and hospitality in its curriculum. We share an inspiring story of the fruits of this project, as we hear from Jay-Ann Amores, and her journey towards becoming a Demi Chef at JPark Island Resort and Waterpark in Cebu, Philippines.

I have known Banilad Center for Professional Development since Madam Vangie Urgello and the rest of the team visited our school and introduced BCPD to our fourth year class. I was very interested and had no doubt about the school because I heard that most of the graduates landed a good job after finishing their studies. Since my parents could not afford to send me to university, I grabbed the chance to take the exam and enrolled in the school. Because I have a dream to help my parents, I pursued my studies and worked hard for it.

The school and the teachers continued to help me even after I graduated. Their contacts from the different industry establishments helped me find a job. Because I came from a school with a good reputation, I was hired every time I applied. JPark Island Resort and Waterpark is the third establishment I worked with.

At first I was hired as kitchen helper under a manpower agency. I was able to support the needs of the chefs and assisted kitchen functions. Due to the perseverance and hard work I showed the management, I got promoted as Commis III – first rank in the kitchen. They trusted me and believed in my capacity and they sent me to different competitions with other establishments.

Luckily, I won all of them. I applied in reality the skills, knowledge and the techniques I learned in my school days. We have been equipped with these qualities as students of BCPD. In fact, in every contest I joined, most of my competitors were from BCPD. Though we needed to compete with each other at that moment; still, we managed to smile and hug each other as a way of showing that we respect one another. I was sent to compete in the National Food Showdown in Luzon; not only to represent the whole Visayas region or the establishment I worked for, but I was proud to represent my Alma Mater as well – BCPD.

I am now a Demi-chef, two steps away to get the highest position in the kitchen. I know it’s not easy to get there and I am preparing myself for whatever events that will come along my way. Competition with my colleagues to level up their positions is very serious. This involves one’s education, skills, knowledge, attitude; one’s age or even one’s height. What I mean is that discrimination is real. But I am pretty sure that I can handle this circumstance. I keep in my mind always what Madam Peachy told us before our graduation day. “Lahat tayo dadaan sa butas ng karayom before we reach success”.

That is why every time problems strike me and I feel down and small, I just think of it.

Thank you BCPD for all the lessons learned that you inculcated in our minds on how to become a better professional. Thank you BCPD for giving every young girl like me a chance to reach their dreams; for all the knowledge and skills we learned; and most importantly, for developing our personal values which play a very important role in our daily lives.

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