Hospitality and culinary training for poor young women from Valle de Cañete, Peru

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The food industry employs 5 million people, approximately 20% of the Peruvian population, with a high demand for trained personnel to satisfy the needs of the Hotel and Restaurant industry.

Reledev, in partnership with Condoray, trains and prepares women between the ages of 15-24 for a professional career in the areas of catering and hospitality.



The project aims to empower marginalised and untrained women by equipping them with an education to access a steady source of income.

The project provides competency based practical and theoretical training in Culinary Arts, Pastry-Making and Front Desk and Reception Operations. High School students attending these short courses receive a Certificate in cooking, baking or waitressing and are granted industry work experience through placements provided through Condoray’s agreements with hotels and restaurants. The work experience program provides permanent employment opportunities for graduates. The training also benefits those who are wishing to establish a micro-enterprise related to the food industry.

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