The Reledev Alumni is a community comprised of individuals who are or have volunteered with Reledev through its service project or work camp programs. Reledev encourages its volunteers to not only stay connected to the organisation, but also to each other – sharing stories and experiences.  Reledev alumni can make a difference in future projects of Reledev through learnings from past volunteer experience, involvement in Reledev work, encouraging young Australians to volunteer as well as monetary, talent and network contributions.

Meet our Volunteers

Reledev is fuelled by a group of spirited young Australian volunteers who choose to give their time and effort to help end poverty.  Meet some of Reledev’s invaluable volunteers:

Anna Hlavacek

Anna joined the Philippines Service Project. She participated in training kids from the Muntinlupa Science  High  School  on basic   first  aid.

 The Philippines Service Project was an enriching experience. I think  that  the  students  I  taught  ended  up  teaching  me  more  than   what I taught them!

Anna  Hlavacek,  Sydney  University  student  and  Reledev  volunteer

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Genevieve Dinham

Gen was one of the first-aid trainers on a Philippines Service Project in 2012.

As leaders of the future and their generation, they have to step up, take responsibility, and give back to their communities.

Genevieve Dinham, University of New South Wales Medicine student

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Rebecca Lubgans & Brigitte Khoury

In January 2012, Bec Lubgans spent part of her summer vacation in Dubbo, Australia.

The Dubbo Service Projects are run in partnership with Creston College during the January and July university holidays.  Bec decided to go after hearing from her friend, Brigitte Khoury who did the project in July 2011.

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