Reledev Volunteer Alumni brings together past and current volunteers of Reledev to join a large network of individuals who are connected through service projects, work camp programs and the DREAM Project. This active community encourages volunteers to stay connected to Reledev, but also each other through sharing stories, experiences and to also foster informal gatherings initiated by Reledev’s domestic partners.

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Reledev Volunteer Alumni aims to:

  • Make a difference in future projects of Reledev through learnings from past volunteer experience, and involvement in Reledev volunteer work locally and abroad
  • Facilitate Reledev Alumni maintaining contact with one another
  • Encourage young Australians to volunteer as well as assist through monetary, talent and network contributions
  • Organise Reledev reunions, social fundraising events and informal events/activities

Reledev Alumni aim to stay connected through:

  • Annual Reledev networking/fundraising event for volunteers (in Sydney)
  • Quarterly Leadership Training workshops for DREAM volunteers (in Sydney)
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  • University students and young professionals can gain formal recognition of their volunteer hours through their university

Meet our Reledev Volunteers

Reledev is fuelled by a group of spirited young Australian volunteers who choose to give their time and effort to help end poverty.  Meet some of Reledev’s invaluable volunteers:

Lucy Chee

Lucy joined the Philippines Service Project in 2019 with Creston College UNSW. She participated in nutrition, hygiene, food safety and exercise lectures, and provided a medical service to check the general health of the school children in Bohol. Read more…

The overall experience and the service we provided to the communities was definitely enriched by the group I was so fortunate to be a part of. 

Lucy Chee, Bachelor of Arts/Laws student at the University of Notre Dame Sydney

Emma Elias

Emma joined the Philippines Service Project (Batangas) in 2017 with Tangara School for Girls. She participated in teaching local students necessary skills such as first aid. She re-painted a local public school, visited hospitals, orphanages and nursing homes, delivered hampers throughout the waterside slums, and ran activities for young kids receiving treatment for cancer. Read more…

I celebrated my seventeenth birthday on the trip and I can honestly say I have never had “Happy Birthday” sung to me so many times in one day and harmonised so well. And of course there was witnessing the difference we were all able to make and knowing that we could make a real positive impact on these people’s lives.

Emma Elias, USYD Arts student

Meet our Reledev Volunteers

Reledev is fuelled by a group of spirited young Australian volunteers who choose to give their time and effort to help end poverty.  Meet some of Reledev’s invaluable volunteers:

Bryan Oh

Bryan travelled to Vietnam to embark on a two week work camp with Warrane College UNSW. The group of young men built houses in a rural village in An Giang Province, in the south of Vietnam in 2017. Read more…

The best part of the work camp is all of the people you meet, experiencing a new culture, as well as forming close bonds with those who come with you on the journey. I recommend going to a work camp unreservedly.

Bryan Oh, UNSW Electrical Engineering graduate

Abigail Corbett

Abigail worked on a medical and nutrition mission in Bohol with a group of thirteen young women from Australia. She spent two weeks in January 2019 on a service project in the Philippines with Creston College UNSW. Read more...

I loved spending time with the young children and witnessing the joy on their faces. I also loved witnessing the spirit of generosity and the family-orientated, community centred nature of the Filipino people.

Abigail Corbett, USYD Pharmacy student

Jeremy Blades

Jeremy went to Vanuatu for a three week work camp with Warrane College UNSW in 2018 to undertake refurbishment work in Santo Island, home to the San Michele Primary School.  The group of volunteers built a new classroom, toilets and a shower for local kindergarten children. Read more…

I think all work camps offer the greatest opportunities to deepen friendships with the mates who you travel and work with throughout the project.

Jeremy Blades, USYD Law/Arts student