Gerard Rajakariar, Vietnam Work camp

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Volunteer projects through Nairana Study Centre have been running since 1987 and in collaboration with Reledev Australia Limited since the early 1990’s. Nairana provides volunteer opportunities for young Australian men by way of yearly workcamps. These workcamps aim to serve people in need in developing countries.

From December 28th, 2016 to January 15th, 2017, a group of 42 young men made their way to Vietnam where they first went to Ho Chi Minh City and spent time assisting at two orphanages, Son Ky Children’s Orphanage and Tân Thông orphanage, providing games & fun to the orphans and undertaking basic cleaning duties. The volunteers then continued on to K’long, a village about 300 kilometres north-east of Ho Chi Minh City, where 14 days were spent building three toilet blocks (both in the local community and the school), one house and renovating the local primary school (building a sewer and cement playground). The volunteers were able to complete almost 100% of the construction projects and found the interactions with the children at the orphanages to be a very positive experience.

I participated in a work camp in Vietnam in January 2017, along with 41 other volunteers and it was a truly life changing, eye opening experience. The most memorable and impactful part of the trip was the community service we performed in Dalat. This included building two toilet blocks, two houses and a playground. This work allowed us to not only bond with the local workers but also with our fellow Australian volunteers, many of whom we did not know. The mateship and camaraderie experienced on this trip has built friendships sure to last a lifetime. Another highlight was visiting an orphanage in Ho Chi Minh city which was a very humbling and gratifying experience. Overall, despite pushing everyone to the edge and even out of their comfort zones, I think I speak on behalf of all participants when I say that this work camp was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling journeys we had ever been on. On this work camp, we were able to help and aid those with a different quality of life. We formed friendships with the locals through hard work and smiles, despite the language barriers.

– Gerard Rajakariar, Nairana Vietnam Work camp volunteer 2017

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