Denis Setiyo, Vietnam Work camp

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Nairana has been running work camps to the Aboriginal communities in Australia and Pacific countries since 2010 and from 2014, in partnership with Reledev. Work camps provide young Australian men with the opportunity to get involved in poverty alleviation activities like school refurbishments, building toilet blocks and teaching sanitation.

I participated in a work camp to Vietnam in January 2016, where I was able to assist poverty stricken communities along with thirty eight other students. The two and a half week trip consisted of an initial three-day trip to a village in North of Vietnam, where we assisted in the restoration of the local church. Here we were divided into groups assigned to waste removal, demolition of old furniture, landscaping and painting. Our group spent the next ten days in K’long, a small village near Da Lat in the south of Vietnam. These days were filled with hard labour in the construction of three toilets and three small houses. We were divided into groups and assigned to a project that consisted of digging trenches and pits for septic tanks, brick laying and rendering. Most of the projects were completed with only finishing touches to be done. Overall the camp was quite challenging and also very rewarding. I initially heard about the camp through Nairana Study Centre in Pennant Hills and thought it would be a great experience to serve a developing community. The work camp was a great experience and definitely something I would recommend to young people trying to find their place in the world or wanting to be of service to a community in need.

– Denis Setiyo, Nairana Work camp volunteer 2016

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