Daguhay sisters: Philippines 2014

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Detchie and Meldrid Daguhay both graduated from the Banilad Centre for Professional Development (BCPD) in 2013. Detchie is two years older than Meldrid. However, due to financial constraints, she had to stop schooling for a while. Both sisters finished their high school studies in Zamboanga del Sur. They lost their father at an early age. The family of four was left with their mother looking for ways to support the family through the meagre income from her odd jobs. Due to the unstable situation caused by civil unrest in Zamboanga the family had to relocate to Cebu, this caused a lot of changes which the four siblings had to adjust to.


Meldrid and Detchie heard about BCPD through a relative who encouraged them to apply, they did so and were selected to take part in the program. According to Meldrid, BCPD has not only taught her technical skills in cooking and baking but also values and a positive attitude. During her on-the-job training, she admits to having encountered difficult and irate customers. Her resiliency and the values that she learnt from BCPD helped her in facing those challenges.


Both sisters graduated in 2013. At present, they are separately employed in two prestigious restaurants in Cebu; both are industry partners of the school, UCC fine Dining and Cafe George. They are currently supporting the family while their mother stays at home as a housewife.

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Meldrid Daguhay
Detchie Daguhay

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