Christine Lomarda, BCPD Alumni Philippines

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The mission of the Foundation for Professional Training, Inc. (FPTI) Philippines (one of Reledev’s overseas partners) is to contribute to the efforts of nation-building by empowering women of all walks of life – especially from the less privileged sectors – through development education, skills training, and character-building founded on values of life and work. Christine Lomarda achieved success through her positive experience through her studies at The Banilad Center for Professional Development and her professional experiences working in the hospitality industry.

Christine Lomarda comes from Loay, Bohol Island, 99.7 km from Cebu City or a 3-hour boat ride via Tubigon port. She has 3 siblings and is the only girl. Christine grew up helping her mother sell fish at the local market after school so that she could earn money to help with the family’s needs. The income from selling fish was not enough to send all of them to school so Christine did not think of studying after graduating from high school. Christine heard about the Banilad Centre for Professional Development (BCPD) from a neighbour. She applied for the scholarship it offered and took the entrance exam even though it meant that she would have to live far away from her family and hometown if successful. She was accepted into BCPD for the Hotel and Restaurant Services program and discovered that she had a talent for culinary skills.

For Christine’s first year of On-the-Job Training (OJT) she was assigned to Laguna Garden Café, an industry partner that gives a significant allowance to the trainees so that they are able to support themselves. With this allowance Christine was also able to help her mother financially. During her OJT at the Laguna Garden Café, Christine showed herself to be a very hard worker and so, in her second year of OJT, she was assigned to Shangrila’s Mactan Island Resort and Spa. As a reward for her hard work and good attitude, Christine was hired by the resort soon after finishing her BCPD course. She also received a bronze medal for her good grades at BCPD.

Because of BCPD and her On-the-Job Training experiences, Christine developed her communication skills and became confident in dealing with people. She was very thankful to BCPD for providing her the knowledge and skills she needed to be competitive in the service industry. Christine’s mother is very proud of her daughters’ achievements. Her employment in Shangri-La has greatly helped her family financially.

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