Celia and Marcelo: Paraguay 2014

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Celia and Marcelo live in Barrio San Antonio, Asunción, Paraguay. They have 3 children. Celia worked as a casual household helper and her husband was employed at a motorcycle repair shop. They found it hard to make ends meet. Celia was introduced to the San Antonio Community Workshop activities and started training in sewing and micro-entrepreneurship skills. She wanted to be self-employed and run a profitable business. She was able to find a job in a clothing factory where she was able to use her newly acquired skills. After 6 months, the owner of the business was impressed with the quality of her work. Celia told him her dream was to become a micro-entrepreneur. Her boss offered a sewing machine that needed repairs. She could have it, if her husband was able to repair it. Marcelo repaired the machine and Celia started sewing. Her employer told her that he would sub-contract the making of jeans to her and that she could work from home. The business grew and Marcelo also learnt how to sew and works with Celia. They employ 2 women from the Barrio San Antonio and manufacture 700 pairs of jeans per month. Their net income is now 2,600,000 güaranies per month, equivalent to $AUD 607.00. Through Celia and Marcelo’s hard work their quality of life has improved, their children help in the business and they enjoy working together as a family.

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Celia and Marcelo
Celia and Marcelo manufacturing jeans

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