Jasmen: Philippines 2018

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Jasmen, photo taken in 2010 Jasmine was featured in 2013 and her story is worth re-telling. Jasmen is the third of nine children and her journey with the Banilad Centre for Professional Develpment (BCPD) began when a former student went … Continued

Diana: Nicaragua 2017

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Diana Gutiérrez comes from a small town in Nicaragua located in Masaya. Masaya is well-known for its clay art which resembles the pre-Columbian style. Diana’s dream has always been to pursue pastry cooking, however in 2011 when Diana was 19 … Continued

Angelica: Peru 2014

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Angelica Suárez was born in Santa Barbara, in the St. Louis District in Cañete, which has a population of 11,940 inhabitants. 4 years ago Angelica’s father passed away. She had recently finished school and realized that in order to become … Continued

Celia and Marcelo: Paraguay 2014

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Celia and Marcelo live in Barrio San Antonio, Asunción, Paraguay. They have 3 children. Celia worked as a casual household helper and her husband was employed at a motorcycle repair shop. They found it hard to make ends meet. Celia … Continued

Daguhay sisters: Philippines 2014

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Detchie and Meldrid Daguhay both graduated from the Banilad Centre for Professional Development (BCPD) in 2013. Detchie is two years older than Meldrid. However, due to financial constraints, she had to stop schooling for a while. Both sisters finished their … Continued

Jasmen Orozco: Philippines 2013

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The third of 9 children, Jasmen’s family subsisted on the vegetables her father cultivated in a small garden patch and her mother sold at a market stall. After completing 2 years of vocational training at the Banilad Institute of Professional … Continued

Lourdes Insfran: Paraguay 2012

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In 2004 Lourdes Insfran and her husband migrated from a small rural community located in one of the poorest areas in Paraguay to Asuncion, the capital, in search of better employment and living conditions. With government help, they obtained a … Continued

Sophie Oueiss: Lebanon 2012

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Sophie Oueiss, a young woman from Safra, a small village in the Jbeil area in Lebanon, discovered her talents in cookery while undertaking the Hospitality Management and Entrepreneurship course in the Institute of Management and Services (IMS) at Maad, also … Continued