Building Homes in An Giang Province, Vietnam

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In 2017, residents from Warrane College, UNSW travelled to Vietnam to embark on a two week workcamp. The group of young men built houses in a rural village in An Giang Province, in the south of Vietnam which proved to be an enriching experience as they were able to foster a relationship with locals and experience a culture so different to their own.

As we look back on the fruits of the workcamp, Bryan Oh, UNSW Electrical Engineering graduate and previous Warrane College resident shared his thoughts about his experience:

“I went to Vietnam in 2017 with my friends from Warrane College and my experience there was truly amazing.

We were required to build houses for the under privileged in a rural village in An Giang Province. The work itself was hard and as many know I am not the most athletic individual. Be that as it may I found there was always a job I could do that didn’t require gargantuan strength or brawn.

It was very rewarding to see the houses go up and know that you have made a tangible difference to the lives of the poverty-stricken. The best part of the workcamp is all of the people you meet, experiencing a new culture, as well as forming close bonds with those who come with you on the journey. I recommend going to a workcamp unreservedly.”

Check out Bryan’s video on his valuable workcamp experience in Vietnam with his friends:

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