Bolivia: Culinary/business skills training for poor indigenous women

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Reledev’s overseas partner, CEFIM Technical Institute´s main objective is to work for women in order to improve their skills in gastronomy, entrepreneurship, hostelry and to be able to work in conditions of equality: an aspiration felt by so many women who feel and are discriminated against in the performance of their work activity.

In 2018, twenty-nine years of activity of CEFIM Technical Institute (CEFIM) will be celebrated. CEFIM works under the legal umbrella of a Bolivian NGO called AYNI.

Project: Culinary/business skills training for poor indigenous women in La Paz, Bolivia

Local delivery partner: Asociación Civil (AYNI) through Centro Educacion Formación Integral de la Mujer (CEFIM) Technical Institute

Project aim: The project provides poor young indigenous women with employment in the tourism and hospitality industry through culinary and business skills training and work experience.

During the 2017 – 18 period:

  • 170 young Indigenous women received specialised gastronomy training in Andean gourmet cuisine. 50 new gourmet recipes integrating Andean grains were developed, with consultants from the Bolivia Gastronomic Integration Movement (MIGA) guiding the students in the production of these recipes. These recipes were integrated into the catering menu of a newly developed business called “la especieria”. This business is a formal catering business established by CEFIM and its students. These students also received business skills development training i.e. business administration, marketing plans, business strategies etc.
  • 30 high performing students received additional business training to assist in the operation of the catering unit.
  • 144 students (of the above) participated in work experience in various hotels and restaurants throughout La Paz, as well as in functions held for companies who have an alliance with CEFIM.
  • As a pilot, 30 students participated in 120 hours of individual mentoring. As a result; their personal and professional skills were strengthened. The mentoring was highly successful and numbers will be doubled in the coming year.

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