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We’re calling on all past and present service project and work camp volunteers of Reledev to sign up and become a Member of Reledev. Reledev Volunteer Alumni brings together past and current volunteers of Reledev to join a large network of individuals who are connected through service projects, work camp programs and the DREAM Project. This active community encourages volunteers to stay connected to Reledev, but also each other through sharing stories, experiences and to also foster informal gatherings initiated by Reledev’s domestic partners.

To become a Reledev Member, please fill out the online form.

Why become a Member of Reledev?

  • To sign up as a Member, it’s FREE.
  • Make a difference in future projects of Reledev through learnings from past volunteer experience, and involvement in Reledev volunteer work locally and abroad
  • Facilitate Reledev Alumni maintaining contact with one another
  • Encourage young Australians to volunteer as well as assist through monetary, talent and network contributions
  • Be involved with Reledev reunions, social fundraising events and informal events/activities

Benefits of Reledev Membership:

  • Receive quarterly Reledev Alumni Newsletters to keep up to date with all of Reledev’s projects and development opportunities locally and abroad
  • Formal invitation to the Reledev Annual General Meeting held each year where Members can build professional networks, learn more about the work of Reledev and meet Reledev Board Directors
  • Formal invitation to annual Reledev Alumni networking/fundraising events
  • University students and young professionals can gain formal recognition of their volunteer hours through their university working with Reledev, as an Australian accredited not for profit

Any questions about Reledev Membership can be made to Bev Eguchi:

Meet our new generation of service project and work camp Reledev volunteers:

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