Anthony Tanous, Santo Island, San Michele Primary School

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Warrane College has been running work camps to Aboriginal communities and Asia Pacific countries like Vietnam and Vanuatu from 2014, in partnership with Reledev. The initiative started in 1987 with the intention to serve people in need in developing countries and disadvantaged communities within Australia. Work camps also aim to encourage the generosity and sense of solidarity of young Australians.

In 2018, 20 residents from Warrane College, UNSW went to Vanuatu for a three week workcamp in Santo Island, home to the San Michele Primary School. The group built a new classroom, toilets and a shower for 38 local kindergarten children. In collaboration with Reledev, volunteers also undertook fundraising activities to raise money for this project.

“Being able to place ourselves in a community to try better the educational outcomes was such a blessing for my friends and I. The opportunity to build the classroom was just the beginning of the experience, with the ability to interact with the children and appreciate a completely new culture, really sweetened the joy of completing the work camp.”

– Anthony Tanous, Warrane College UNSW workcamp volunteer and medicine student

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