Angelica: Peru 2014

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Angelica Suárez was born in Santa Barbara, in the St. Louis District in Cañete, which has a population of 11,940 inhabitants. 4 years ago Angelica’s father passed away. She had recently finished school and realized that in order to become the breadwinner and support her mother she had to study and begin a professional career.

Angelica heard about training offered by the centro de formación professional para la Mujer (Condoray) and decided to study a diploma in Management of Catering Services. Angelica’s attitude to service quality was cultivated throughout her studies. “Little by little I was attracted to the food and beverage course. I learnt new techniques such as setting a table, serving the customer well, preparing buffets, desserts, fruit carving etc. I was selected through Condoray to work on weekends and holidays in different restaurants. This is where I first made contact with the world of work and I found it very enjoyable. My experiences have been enriching as I have been able to implement everything that I have learnt through Condoray.”

The owners or managers of restaurants, hotels and accommodation where Condoray sends students commented that they see in the students’ teamwork, coordination and practical skills. The incomes that the students earn contribute to family income. Angelica’s family, particularly her mother, has benefitted from the income that she earns. “My studies strengthened me and gave me hope that I can succeed. The experience I have gained over the years gives me optimism for the future and I hope to begin my own catering business.”

Thanks to the education received, young people such as Angelica gain new knowledge and valuable experience that allows them to build a future and to meet the challenges that life presents them.

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Angelica conference
Angelica with others at the Executives Annual Conference
Angelica at work
Angelica working at the San José estate

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