Creston College UNSW 

Creston College UNSW is a residential college affiliated with the University of New South Wales (UNSW), and is also a centre for learning and leadership. Creston College was founded in 1970 as a project of Foundation for Education & Training Limited (FFET), which aims to promote education and the development of character.

Warrane College UNSW

Warrane College UNSW is an independent residential college for around 140 men affiliated with the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Since its foundation in 1970, Warrane has been a home away from home for thousands of young men studying at university. Warrane encourages its members to serve in the society in which they live, as well as to continually strive for excellence. Warrane College is a project of Education  Development Association (EDA), a not-for-profit company and a registered charity.

Photos of Warrane work camps by Jonty Gardner.


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Nairana Study Centre 

Nairana Study Centre was established by Education Development Association (EDA), a non-profit company and a registered charity with an aim to promote education and the development of character in accordance with the principles and ideals of Christianity. Nairana Study Centre provides a formative environment for boys, which echoes the positive atmosphere and values of family homes.

Tangara School for Girls 

Tangara School for Girls was established in 1982 as the first school of PARED (Parents for Education). PARED is a personal initiative of parents and educators. It operates schools and other educational projects which assist parents in their task as the primary educators of their children. Tangara is located in northwest Sydney and offers an outstanding academic program and a range of exciting co-curricular opportunities. What makes Tangara special is its unique system of personalised education which supports each student to be the best person he or she can be.

Lowana Study Centre 

Lowana is a non-profit, volunteer based study centre based in Penrith, Western Sydney, committed to form girls and women of character, service and friendship. It started in 1997 and is a project of the Association for Educational Projects Limited (AEPL). Lowana's activities are run by volunteers and include study programs, private tuition, leadership camps and workshops, holiday and social activities, and opportunities for local and international volunteer community service projects.

Redfield Old Boys Association

The Redfield Old Boys Association (ROBA) is a community of alumni from Redfield College located in Dural, NSW. ROBA is an active organisation with key initiatives in careers, community service and sport. The ROBA mission is to serve and support all graduates of Redfield College through facilitating the flourishing of their careers. 

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Eremeran Hills

Eremeran Hills is a study centre for girls and young women that works alongside parents to help their children achieve their full potential. The study centre is run mainly by parents and volunteers who are passionate about youth. During the school holidays Eremeran organises a longer service project in rural Australia or overseas. Eremeran organises local projects for the younger grades. As the girls grow in experience, they are invited to attend interstate projects in cities like Brisbane, Melbourne and Tasmania, and international projects in countries like New Zealand, the Philippines and Mexico.

Eremeran Hills Website

Montgrove College

Montgrove College is an independent school founded by PARED (Parents for Education) Foundation in 1999. Montgrove is a family school where the educational rights of the family effectively come first. The school has the dual role of providing the overall development of the student as well as assisting parents to be more competent educators for their children.

In September 2019, Montgrove College partnered with Reledev and as part of fostering social responsibility. Montgrove aims to establish service projects to developing countries and regional Australia. These volunteer service projects aim to provide opportunities for young Australians to get involved in poverty alleviation activities.

Montgrove College website

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